Today Google’s frontpage logo was
Google Logo 8/16

I think it means that wartime CEO Larry Page is saying that Google’s $12 billion Motorola acquisition was about more than spraying more mustard gas in the eyes of Apple, Microsoft, and Sony. I mean this is a guy who bid 3.14159265 (also known as pi) billion in a bidding war against the three previously mentioned companies.

Fermat’s proof wasn’t actually proven by 17th Century genius Pierre de Fermat, though it was obviously named after him. There was no proof until the 90s, a few hundred years after Fermat (some dude locked himself in a room for years working on nothing but it… published an incorrect proof, and then re-proved it years later, changing math and the world forever). Fermat’s proof is very simple. Pythagorean’s theorem (basis of most conventional math) only applies to 2D space. Once you break into 3D, all traditional mandates of more basic math goes out of the window (A squared plus B squared is equal to C squared, but A cubed plus B cubed is not eqaul to C cubed).

Page is a mathematician. He may not have proof, but he is indeed ahead of his competition, in the tech-dimensional space at least. The investment bankers on this side of the country are something else though, and live in a whole other dimension that has more than 2,000 physicists on Wall Street. That’s where Google’s headed next, I think, and if they go there, going in with the understanding that everything breaks down is not a naive perspective, an advantage for sure.

Wonder what Apple’s gonna do.