So, before, words2Clouds was fun to navigate around in, for roughly 5 minutes… then, you’d get tired of all the words you were typing into the keyboard floating up into virtual clouds on your screen.
I realized something was missing. A few things. Or perhaps there was something extra that should have been deducted.
Nevertheless, I added something.
The New York Times shows their developer community love, and it’s my morning paper, so I figured: why not stream the latest news from their Newswire API (I mean they are so kind as to offer it to the world). This way, if noone else used my web app, at least I’ll have a reason to visit my little, cloudy place on the net more often to eventually get bored again and add additional JaCSSMLScript. (hash it).
So, you can head over there now to check it out, but if you’re extra lazy or Annonymous has taken down my server provider, here are the goods:

Gearing up…
Words2Clouds Loading New York Times


And the goods….

Streaming New York Times

And I won’t spoil it for you, but… no, sure I will… You can click the story images to preview the story and then you can add the story to your cloud or read the full story on NYTimes.

I used to care about feedback. I kinda still do. It’s like in my pinky toe.