Ok, so this weekend I hacked up a new extension for Chrome, called Text This To Me.
Today, Life Hacker did a write-up on it, and I’ve been getting about 80 installs/hour since the article appeared. Gotta love that web blog love.
The reviews have been mixed… There were some people who were pissed that it only worked for mobile carriers in the US & Canada (sorry) and that it doesn’t yet support Google Voice. One guy was pissed it didn’t support Virgin Mobile. He rated it 1 star on Google, but I was able to submit an update that supported Virgin, and he changed his rating to 5-stars. It’s the little things, I guess 🙂
I’m working on both the Google Voice and outside-the-US optimization for the next release.
The funny thing is… and this happens often… a great deal of people aren’t using it the way it was originally intended. I’d say about 50% use the tool to text themselves links or notes from the web… the other 50% is using it to to 1-way text their friends from their browser (don’t wanna pick up the phone much?).
So far today, there have been a little over 1,000 SMSs sent using the service. I’ll keep you posted as this develops.