1. People are flakey, and no one really gives a damn about your vision. Have backup plans.
  2. Never talk details about a company you’re pursuing partnership with until the ink is dry.
  3. Make everyone around you feel valuable or suffer a slow death.
  4. YOU should probably be your target audience. At the very least, live with your target audience… or suffer a slow death.
  5. Sales is everything. Have great salespeople that aren’t you.
  6. Smart budgetting pretty much falls into the category of revenue generator. Spend wisely.
  7. A “business relationship” isn’t a relationship at all. It’s business. Clarify that upfront and avoid heartbreaks and assert clear-headedness. For them and YOU.
  8. If your thing only solves a problem really well, understand you’re about 10% the way there.
  9. Just because you have customers on Day 1 doesn’t mean you’ll have customers on Day 101… or Day 2. Act accordingly.
  10. Keep in touch with your key contacts over a long period of time. That’s all that will really matter in the long haul.