I’ll let the tweets speak for themselves.





I use Rackspace for about 10 of my apps. Never had an outage. However, I do use Foursquare’s API for some things and it’s kind of unfortunate when Amazon goes down, because it gives the appearance that there’s something wrong with my services when Foursquare can’t respond to my server due to Amazon’s common afflictions.

Plus, I can’t even watch Netflix to take my mind off pissed-off user feedback e-mails. Everyone loses.

Instead of Amazon needing to improve, companies could do their customers a favor by migrating to more reliable cloud providers. Amazon is not a cloud service company… They are an online retailer. Rackspace just sells cloud servers and cloud services. That’s thier business. And they’re damn good. Rackspace’s failover and server availability is vastly superior to Amazon’s.

3 hours of downtime is inexcusable in today’s ridiculously immediately gratifying digital bit orgy.