In addition to building apps and teaching, I do  a little tech startup consulting on the side… primarily because I love working with small businesses. I like working with big businesses, too–don’t get me wrong. However, startups have a special twist to them: A lot more assumptions. 

I’ve consulted about  half a dozen tech startups over the last six months. The following are favorable traits from what I’ve picked up as I’ve watched these companies experience different levels of success.

Good traits of a founder:

  • Listens to his/her team. And not in a fake way. In a real way… sometimes going against their own judgements to support an idea of a team member.
  • Is good with visualizing ideas and data. This typically involves PowerPoint.
  • Leads by doing, not saying… And does a little of everyone’s job.
  • Knows people who can invest.
  • Has experience selling not-so-good products.