We’ll use America as an example.

What are the major exports? Celebrities.

The only problem is: we don’t need more of those.

What drives our GDP? It’s not net exports… nope, not even government spending… nope… not even investments… You got it… It’s consumption.

What do we consume? Entertainment, everything from Wal-Mart, gasoline, smartphones, and fast food.

In this situation, America has a huge opportunity. The smartphone can bring us entertainment, cheaper gasoline stations, fast food, and thanks to Amazon’s mobile app, everything sold at Wal-Mart.

The ridiculous part, though, is that we aren’t really producing much of the stuff we’re consuming on the phones: apps.

And as apps take over our lives a little more and more, working its tentacles into places like your Toaster’s WiFi and your Refrigerator’s Blueooth, might we step back, learn some code, and begin producing the stuff that’s going to lead us into the 22nd Century. Yep, it’s coming. And thanks to modern medicine, you might live to see it.

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