My Dev Shop class knows the answer to this. It’s all about Arduino.

Everything will be connected to and managed by apps on the internet thanks to Arduino boards everywhere. These micro, lovable, cheaper-and-cheaper-every-year, hardware-adapting, tiny devices that connect over Wifi or Bleutooth or WiMax or 3G are really beginning to make waves. They’re going to be everywhere: That includes your t-shirt (it will scream at you if you accidentally put the wrong part in the washing machine), your toaster, your AC, your floor, and more.

arduino powered shirt

voice-controlled LED flashing t-shirt

The popular platforms of 2013-2020 will be your wall (where your clothes will project images & video) , paper-like tablets (like the iPad but that you’ll roll up, put in your pocket and sit on… in the rain… while someone spills hot coffee on you– it might even help you fix the situation… yes, your device freaking out when something spills instead of you might sound a little too-much-too-soon but it’s 2012, baby)… and in your eyewear (where you’ll get Iron Man-like overlays of data on everything you see and you’ll even be able to access Siri-like functionality… only better).

So, what should be built now?

  • More devices that clean up after you… just better.
  • T-shirts that recognize your target demographic and displays the appropriate messages.
  • Mind-controlled tasks in construction zones.

But what happens if all this new tech gets hacked and/or the A.I. robots run loose and reek havoc?

At least we’ll be able to create more jobs.