Ever miss a package because UPS or FedEx tried to deliver it to you while you weren’t home? It’s very annoying to get that little sticky note from the shipment company telling you they’ll come back tomorrow… when you’ll also not be home.

Well, yesterday at the Dev Shop we decided to solve that problem as a hack we will create this weekend at the E-Commerce Hack Day at Alley NYC.

The idea:

Go to the site we’re about to create, put in your address, and pick a company near you that will accept and hold your package  in exchange for you buying one of their products. For example, if you eat Thai food at your neighborhood Spice restaurant, have your package delivered there, afterwork eat there, and then when you’re finished, pick up your package and be on your merry way. This is great for businesses, because they can generate more traffic, just like when they use Groupon, accept they don’t have to give away discounts that hurt their business. Starting tomorrow, companies will be able to register how much excess room they have in their space and have a package delivered there for their potential customers. Everyone wins.

This idea was developed during our class’ brainstorming session, and I think it has legs. Tomorrow, I’ll update on the status of the Hackathon and our hack. Here we go!