Just without the commercial breaks.

Six months after starting the company, you’ll find out that one of your key members has a coke problem… Or that two people have been secretly sleeping together and now can never work in the same building… or that one of the guys sitting around the kitchen table when the idea for the startup was conceived wants their stock options now or they’ll sue. Maybe one of your partners gets kicked out of the building… Or maybe one of your partners is writing tell-alls about another partner on their blog. Maybe an employee steals your laptop… Or maybe you find out you have  a hacker who’s been stealing all the data being transferred over your wireless network. God forbid someone dies, but that happens, too. Or.. someone gets sued for sexual harassment and it happens to be your CEO.

These things happen. I think the best solution is to remember when you walk into the office, or the cafe, or your home office’s command center in the morning, take a deep breath and remember that you have to have fun when you work at a startup… and if you’re not, then you’re failing at what being a startup is all about. Startups are about doing something new and exciting. Never get too wound up, stay chill even if you’re neurotic, and be patient. Stay transparent and be honest. Have integrity, and it all works itself out in the end… Or it doesn’t… And then… off to the next soap opera… it’ll probably be equally as exciting.