UPDATE 8/26/12: I’ve removed the app from the Android market and this app is only available to students in my class for the time being. If you really want the app, e-mail me what you’re doing and maybe I can hook you up.

So, I wanted to teach my class how to make iPhone apps using Phonegap, but there’s one little problem. In order to make iPhone apps, Apple requires that you need a Mac. Well, some of my students are old school and don’t rock the Macs quite yet… So, it was either say screw ’em, work something out.
Unfortunately, nothing existed that allowed for this kind of thing to happen. Therefore, being the{c}0desque, we had to work out something. We don’t take kindly to limitations. Therefore, over the weekend, I sat down with my class for some live coding (a session where I talk and type, you listen and find my errors, and stuff gets made or kinda made. The stuff that got made this weekend was the Remote App Builder. It’s a little app… very simple… but ultra-useful.

Here’s how it works:

Write some HTML, CSS, and Javascript (using jQuery)  upload it to your server, open up rAB, plug in your code’s URLs, and take advantage of jQuery Mobile and Phonegap features in a native application testing environment on your phone. Have a great app idea for taking pictures of fashion offenders and uploading it to a web-based social network for people to rate, make it in less than hour, focusing on the code side of things instead of all that pesky configuration and app registration stuff. If you have an Android and want to try it out, you can test it out here. If you have an iPhone, you can take the course or send me an e-mail, and we’ll see about installing it on your device.