Step 1

Create a website that pays people to answer simple questions

Step 2

Create a website that allows people to ask questions for free

Step 3 

Create an algorithm that parses people’s questions into chunks and retrieves answers to people’s questions from the answers it gets from the people answering parsed, chunked, and symmetrical questions on the pay-to-answer website.

Step 4

Create a consumer application that can take visual and audio data and parse all that data into a hierarchal relevance tree, send that tree as input to the Step 3 algorithm, and aggreagate the weighted answers in order to deliver relevant answers to questions the user of the app might ask.


Yes, this would, indeed, be using  many people’s brains as a source of data to power this A.I. consumer application, and that application could have some natural learning built in so that it could evolve… And yes, that’s what the Matrix was about.