So, since I’m up about 2% on my Yahoo investment from last week, I’m in the undervalued tech stock mood. This week I’m going long on… Groupon.

Just bought a few hundred shares of Groupon at $4.97 in mid-day trading Friday. Short-term this might not pay off (might go down up to 15%), but I’m expecting stronger quarterly earnings as Groupon transitions their business into the e-commerce space. Plus, alot of people are running Groupons this holiday season. And given the potential recession, Groupon would only get stronger as consumers looked for more ways to save.

In regards to the “troublesome CEO” Andrew Mason… He’s lost a lot of his executive team and watched his shares lose 80% in the past 12 months… well, I like stories that remind me of Rocky. I think 50% of their initial offering is about what they’re really worth… ($4.97 to $10-13?… may the force be with me). I’m betting on this guy Mason, because he hasn’t thrown in the towel yet. He keeps trying new things. And in this biz, that’s what defines the winners. Plus, he just got a new guy from the Paypal Mafia.

Anyway, I’m hoping for $12/share within the next 6 months. You can do it, Mason!

Plus, there was that rumor that Google might buy the company… I hope everyone buys that rumor so that share prices can rise (obviously). The rumor caused a huge spike about 10 days ago. Do I believe the rumor? Maybe Google is considering it, but I don’t think a Google takeover will happen within the next 3 months if it ever does. I could be wrong, though.

What do you think? Place your bets.