Well, it’s about 1 a.m. now, so that means the end of the world was officially the day before yesterday (or was it the Day After Tomorrow?). To the non-American culture influenced readers, that was a movie reference.  I want a t-shirt that reads “I survived Y2K, Sandy and 12.21.12.” The day before yesterday at midnight Alaska Standard Time (because I finished it 5 hours too late for it to be Eastern Standard Time), I released the alpha 0.1 version of a new web & app development framework called jQuery.coded. It basically allows the front and back-end of code to talk to one another other more seamlessly. It also takes advantage of new plugins that provide fresh, user-friendly features. One of the best parts, though, is that it helps developers streamline their development to create prototypes and full-blown apps quicker.

Last night, I was watching a bunch of Bloomberg Game Changer documentaries (because they got me hooked with the ones on Henry Kravis and Jay-Z). After watching Larry Ellison’s, I stumbled across a woman I’d heard of but didn’t know much about: Anna Wintour. I gotta say: respect to this woman. After watching, though, I went to the vogue.com site and wasn’t very impressed. Very 2003ish.

I was so inspired by her story on Bloomberg Game Changers and her vision to portray what’s happening in-the-now with images and people, that I decided to remodel the Vogue.com experience to reflect more of what I think this lady had going on before the turn of the century… before the computer nerds and bloggers took over and made iconic brands like Vogue look like vogue.com looks today.

I’ll keep you posted with updates as the site develops.