Are you sitting around right now trying to figure out how to make a billion dollars?

If you are, you’re in luck… I have a way.

Create an app or site where I can upload any photo and tell me where to buy everything in my photo. Google is working on this through their Google Goggles image recognition software. The issue is… it sucks. If you were to create a site that could do that, Google will buy it for a billion bucks… more, probably.

So, now, how do you do it?

Well, I’ve started to come up with a way:

Create a site scraper that surfs through,, and at least 1,000 other popular shopping sites online, and convert all the images to Base64, using a Base64 encoding of image files and n-gram techniques to extract content… Then tag each image based on tags from the site it’s on. Once you archive all the items for sale and their image content, create a cron job that constantly updates new content from all the sites every hour. Use this tech to assist thousands of employees who find/confirm the buy links and do the affiliate marketing thing to get a cut from every buy that comes through the site. Then, add a little secret sauce (E-mail me to find out what that is). Vuala! Your users can upload images, and then you can determine where they can purchase items from their photo.

I don’t know if I have enough time to build this, but I might get around to attempting this. If I do, I will post the developments. If you want to commit and beat me to it, I hope I’m not completely wrong :)*

*I could be 100% off as I’ve never made a billion dollars or had a company acquired by Google for anything close.

And if you do create it, please release an API. I’d love to add this feature to