If you want to publish an e-book for Kindle, Nook and iPad, here’s a quick rundown of how these platforms make your life difficult:

Amazon will not only take a higher fee per e-book sale, but they will prevent you from giving out free copies to your friends if you don’t publish with them exclusively.
They call this KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing).
Apple on the other hand, will prevent you from publishing nicely formatted books with images if you’re publishing it with anyone else.
Barnes & Noble takes a higher fee from small publishers than Amazon and Apple. It’s slightly more difficult, also, to become a publisher with B&N.
Allegedly, B&N has 10 mil Nooks in circulation. I haven’t seen many outside the B&N store, but that might just be New York.
Amazon doesn’t report their Kindle sales numbers. iPads seem to be everywhere, but most people seem to enjoy reading on their Kindle over iPad.
What is an e-publisher to do?
I suppose I should focus on my target audience…
I guess I will have to go with Apple. I don’t have photos in my book, but this does mean Amazon won’t feature my book and that I can’t give my friends free copies directly through Amazon…