• The salespeople at a tech company are like the actors of a TV show. They get to go out afterwork to all the cool parties as a part of marketing. They are also the face of the company.
  • The CEO is the director and calls all of the shots. A good director knows what he/she wants but has great actors who can think for themselves… There can be tension here, though. Also, the director is at odd with the next group:
  • The investors are the producers. They want to monetize and pick the director.
  • The administrative teams are the production crew. Without the production crew, the lighting won’t be perfect, costumes won’t fit perfectly and little things fall through the cracks.
  • The programmers and user experience teams are the writers. The script gets changed by the time it gets to the actors, in some cases.
  • The products are the commercials. It’s how the TV show makes its money… Unless the TV show is the product (Netflix, for example).
  • The press is the press.
  • Consumers are consumers.
  • Most TV show ideas never become reality.