I recently released the Netflix Trailer Button Adder for Chrome, so that I could watch trailers on Netflix. I figured others might want to do this as well, and over the past week or so, 1,700 people have installed my plugin. The downside, however, is that the plugin is powered by the Youtube API and because people are watching so many trailers through my app, I keep hitting my Youtube API rate limit. Therefore, some people towards the end of the day begin experiencing bad performance.

When you release an app that relies on someone else’s data (in this case: Youtube), having rate limit problems can really be a buzz kill. Especially because, if you gain user adoption really quickly, that’s a bunch of people who are going to hate you because your solution doesn’t work.

By the way, I discovered this little rate limit problem because of a bad review just now. And so, I must plead with Google to raise my Youtube API rate limit. Yay.