5 awesome things about Google Glass

  • Memory: You can easily capture videos and pictures and quickly refer to them in your Glass Timeline to remember things that happened throughout the day. They need to add voice memos as a native application. Right now, you have to download Evernote to get features like this.
  • Fun: Glass is a cool way to reflect on things you’ve done throughout the day and share them with friends locally and remotely in interesting new ways.
  • Bar talk: Since Google Glass isn’t available in stores yet, I’ve been the first person many New Yorkers have seen in real-life with these Glasses. It creates some interesting conversations in random places with random people (something I enjoy)
  • Capturing that fleeting moment: You literally can’t miss a moment with Google Glass, because when anything noteworthy happens, you just click a button near your head, and boom… picture saved. Residence in Harlem who are loosing their 4th Amendment rights with nonsense like Stop and Frisk will love this. It will keep unruly law enforcement in further check. A good thing.
  • Unfair advantage in app development: Since it’s also not available in stores yet, I’m digging into building apps to enhance the user experience. Loving it. The platform has a long way to go, but much, much potential.

5 not-so-awesome thing about Google Glass

  • Privacy: The good thing is that you always know if someone is potentially recording you because you will see a light above their eye on if they are capturing footage (or doing anything else). However, there are obviously still some concerns here. It’s just kind of weird… Let’s be real.
  • Google is closing in on you: Google controls all the apps that go into the Google Glass app store and connects everything in Glass to your Google+ account. I never added friends to Google+ (even though Google has pretty much been trying to shove this new social network down my throat for the last year or so)… that is… I didn’t add friends until I picked up my Google Glasses yesterday. If left unchecked, this could be bad for consumers. More on this soon.
  • Bugginess: it’s not perfect. For example, their process for connecting to Wi-Fi is slightly ridiculous. More on the Wi-Fi and other bugs in a later post.
  • Screen Size: The Google Glass screen overlay is actually very unobtrusive and awesome… But I wouldn’t mind a little more intrusion. It’s awesome… Let’s go all the way. And also, can I get overlays on both eyes? Am I asking too much?
  • Unforeseeable consequences: more on this in an upcoming post. Hint: this could get weirder… Much weirder.