Mike De'Shazer

Hello, I’m Mike De’Shazer. This is my old blog. My new blog can be found at @ mikedeshazer.com

In 2013, I published a book on tech startups & coding. Check it out on your Kindle.

Here are some memorable moments from the last few years of the blog:

NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg

AOL CEO & Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington (right) and Former NYTimes Editor & current Huffington Post Editor Lisa Belkin. This was taken the week before Huffington stole Belkin from New York Times

If you don’t know who Paul Graham is, leave this blog immediately

Foursquare co-founder & CEO @ a hackathon

My first talk @ Harvard University

Naoki Aoyagi, the CEO of GREE, the largest social network in Japan @ SXSW ’11